Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Dallas Stars' Mooterus jersey

I have wanted to write about the infamous Dallas Stars' third jersey since I began this blog, but have put it off for various reasons, whether it was something else got my attention or I really dreaded writing this piece. However, here I am writing about it, so I guess there is no turning back now. Originally introduced in 2003, the logo used for the jersey was supposed to be a bull with the constellation inside of it. However, fans thought of it differently, as it earned the nickname "Mooterus," so called because it resembled the female reproductive system. To be fair to the folks who came up with the idea for the logo, this wasn't intentional. However, the inexplicable inclusion of the color red to the design made this more of a mess, which gets further muddied by the supposed comet-like design on the bull's left horn. So, to say that this jersey didn't last more than a year would be correct, but to say that this was a total disaster would be an understatement to the likes that only the Islanders' fisherman jerseys of the mid-90's and many of the third jerseys of 1996 can match.

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